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Frequently Asked Questions

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DC Universe™ Online is a free-to-play, massive multiplayer online action game for the PC, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PlayStation®4 system. Become one of a new breed of Heroes or Villains and wield incredible powers as you go to war with legendary characters such as Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor and The Joker.

DC Universe Online is free-to-play on the PC, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PlayStation®4 system. Go here to download on your PC or for PlayStation details.

DC Universe Online is free-to-play on the PC, PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4.

DC Universe Online is free-to-play on the PC, PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4.

No transferring is necessary. Simply log into your PlayStation®4 with the same PSN account you used on your PlayStation®3, then download DC Universe Online. Once you jump in the game, all of your characters, purchases, DLCs and Membership status will be waiting for you just as you left it.

Yes. PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4 share the same servers. No need to leave your friends behind!

Marketplace Cash is virtual currency needed to purchase items in the in-game marketplace on the PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4 versions of DC Universe Online. You purchase Marketplace Cash in the PlayStation Store using real world currency, then use that Marketplace Cash in-game.

In DC Universe Online, you play through your own story as you fight to save or rule the DC Universe. However, the Heroes and Villains of Gotham City and Metropolis know that in order for you to be the best, you need to learn to fight just like they do. And, the best way to learn is through simulation! That is why you have the opportunity to don the guises of many of the well-known DC characters and battle other players in Legends PVP and Iconic Anomalies. While in these special combat simulations, you will assume the appearance, movement ability, powers, and combat moves of an iconic DC character as you fight for special rewards. Some of the characters you can choose to play as include, Superman, Wonder Woman, Future Batman, Hal Jordan, The Joker, and more!

The massive cityscapes of Metropolis and Gotham City serve as the primary locations in which players will embark on their heroic or villainous adventures. As you step into the DC Universe Online you can explore these famous cities by flying up to the tops of the tallest skyscrapers, or investigating what lurks in the darkest depths of the Gotham City sewers and everything in between. Within these cities, many well-known areas are available to explore, such as Arkham Asylum, Ace Chemicals and Amusement Mile (hideout and home to The Joker) in Gotham City, as well as S.T.A.R. Labs, Suicide Slums and LexCorp headquarters in Metropolis. Other familiar areas from across the DC Universe are also the setting for some of the game's most challenging adventures. Group combat encounters are set in many of the most diverse and interesting locations within the DC Universe, such as the contaminated city of Blüdhaven, tropical Oolong Island, volcanic Gorilla Island, mysterious Area 51, the Hive's massive Moon base and the devastated wreckage of Clark Kent's home of Smallville. And, once you prove yourself worthy to your mentor you will gain access to the Justice League of America Watchtower if you're a hero, or the Hall of Doom if you're a villain, and all of the knowledge and resources contained within each.

We will release DLC Expansion Packs on a regular basis that will include new areas to explore as well as new locations to investigate within existing cities/areas. And some DLC Expansion Packs will add new powers and gear/weapons as well.

PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4 gamers play together on shared servers. The PC version has dedicated servers that are not shared with the PlayStation versions.

Absolutely. DC Universe Online includes a number of opportunities for you to join with others to explore, fight and socialize. If you have a Legendary Access membership you are able to form your own League and invite friends to join. Anyone who plays DCUO can join a League. Leagues can group together, fight co-op battles and large PvP battles. Plus, there are many areas throughout the game where you can meet and join with others randomly to fight as a team in a specific battle or arena. Whether you like to be part of a group or meet new people from one adventure to the next, DC Universe Online offers you the chance to join with others whenever you choose.

Currently there are 30 levels in the game. Once level 30 is reached, jump into new adventures in the DLC packs and fight for new gear to increase your Combat Rating and achieve Feats to earn more Skill Points.

Both phases allow players to enjoy story driven adventures as they battle non-player characters/enemies across the game world for experience and loot. Solo missions, group combat Raids and Alerts, and much more are available on both types of servers. On the PvE phase, players can explore freely without being attacked by players of the opposing morality. On the PvP phase, you can be attacked at any time by players of the opposing morality in the open world areas. You can switch back and forth between PvE and PvP phases at any time in your Headquarters.

Each Safehouse in Gotham City and Metropolis has a teleporter that will take heroes to The Watchtower or villains to the Hall of Doom. From these locations you can access any of the Safehouses in both Metropolis and Gotham City.

Currently DC Universe Online is only available for download on the PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4 from the PSN Store.

DC Universe Online can be found featured in the free-to-play section of the PlayStation Store on both the PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4. Also, you can search for DC Universe Online using the store's search function.

Yes, as long as you sign in with a valid PSN account. You may only be logged in with your PSN account to one PlayStation®3 or PlayStation®4 at a time.