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Check Out Our Gameplan. Three Ways to Play!

  Access the game,
plus DLC Expansion Packs.
Maximum game features unlocked!
Access the game and
earn bonus features.
Access the game
for free!
Monthly Loyalty Reward SC500 or 500 Loyalty Points* None None
Game Updates Free Free Free
DLC Expansion Packs Free Access** Purchase Optional Purchase Optional
Monthly Replay Badge Grant 150
(can purchase more)
None None
Promotheum Lockboxes Unlimited unlocks Keys for purchase Keys for purchase
Character Slots 16
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
Inventory Slots 63
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
Auction Slots 20
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
Bank Slots 48
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
Trading Items and cash Items only None
In-game Currency Unlimited 2000 Max 1500 Max
Chat All voice chat options & unlimited text chat. Voice chat, including proximity chat. 6 text chat messages per 30 seconds. Voice chat with friends or groups. 6 text chat messages per 30 seconds.
Send Mail Text, items and cash Text and items Text only
Vault Access Free Access Once Per Day Free Access Every Three Days Free Access One Per Week
Players Leagues Can form or join Can join Can join