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So, you’ve chosen to skip to CR 100 with a new or existing character? Congratulations! As a character with Combat Rating 100, you are ready to play in Tier 5 and Tier 6 content. This can be found in episodes like Origin Crisis (Episode 7), Sons of Trigon (Episode 8), and War of the Light Part I (Episode 9).

Origin Crisis

In Episode 7: Origin Crisis, the origins of powerful Heroes are at stake! Wage war through time and alternate realities with Future Batman or Future Lex.



In Episode 8: Sons of Trigon, challenge the ultimate demonic force and explore the hellish nightmare of Trigon's Gotham City.



In Episode 9: War of the Light Part I, jump into the new War of Light and battle with the cosmic forces of the Lantern Corps. 


To get started, we recommend getting your bearings in the duos in Episode 8: Songs of Trigon, like Ruined Cathedral or Knightsdome Arena. You can find this content in your On Duty Menu.

For a full list of content that is relevant to your new CR 100 character, visit this comprehensive list from the community-created DCUO Bloguide.

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