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Speedsters travel through the streets of Gotham City and Metropolis at an incredible velocity. Those with Superspeed movement reach such tremendous acceleration that they can even run up the sides of buildings, up walls or across ceilings. Traveling long city blocks to get to the action becomes a cinch with this movement mode. In combat, speedsters become deadly whirlwinds using their quickness to move in and out of range with ease and special attacks to stun and disorient enemies. If you're a fan of The Flash, or any of the other speedsters in the DC Universe, then tap into the Speedforce and choose Superspeed for your movement power.


Acrobats are master aerialists and climbers who use their skills to vault across the rooftops of Gotham City and Metropolis with seemingly effortless grace. Acrobats are able to climb and cling to any surface, giving them a unique way to approach both movement and combat. Using a Grapple Line, Acrobats can quickly ascend tall buildings and traverse the gap between skyscrapers. And for movement across the massive cityscapes, Acrobats can even glide across the sky after leaping from vast heights. In combat, the Acrobat's agility is unmatched, with special combat moves designed to draw enemies in close to deliver precision attacks. If you like Batman, choose Acrobatics as your movement mode and start leaping your way to justice or chaos.


Fliers soar over the skyscrapers of Metropolis and Gotham City, swooping down to engage their enemies with devastating attacks. There is no place out of reach for fliers, who are able to traverse any environment with ease. Those with Flight movement have their own special combat moves designed to stun enemies or knock them senseless. Using the environment around them, fliers can turn almost anything into aerial projectiles to defend the innocent or destroy the city. If you want to feel the freedom and exhilaration of hovering over the entire city like Superman, waiting for your opportunity to strike your foes, then Flight is the movement power for you.