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DC Universe Online Player Spotlight: Mermaid

Pubblicata il 02-04-2014

By: Ry “Roshen” Schueller

Our games are filled with imaginative players that leave their marks on the digital worlds around them. For example, many players have created innovative in-game homes or original character designs that they’re noticed for. In SOE Player Spotlight we highlight examples of noteworthy individuals in the player community.

For this Player Spotlight, we’re looking at the aquatic “Grotto” that Mermaid designed, and the unique design of Mermaid’s player character.

What was your inspiration or theme as you designed your home?

I was very inspired by Aquaman's Aquacave in DC Comics and by Ariel's Grotto in The Little Mermaid. Both of their caves served as private sanctums for these characters to store the collections, trophies, and souvenirs from their journeys. I do the same thing in my home to display items from my adventures.

What was your inspiration or theme as you designed your character?

Mermaid 1

The inspiration of this character was from three different characters:  Aquaman's wife Mera, Ariel from the Little Mermaid, and my league leader Atlantis Girl!

What is your favorite item that you have on display in your home? What makes it special to you?

Mermaid 2

My favorite item is definitely the Atlantean Throne! It is special because it makes me feel l like the Princess of the Seven Seas!

How can other players find your home or in-game structure in-game?

It is located nearby the C.A.O. Dam, Historic District of Metropolis. They can simply message me in-game and I'll honored to welcome any players who wish to visit my home.

What server do you play on?  In your opinion what makes your server special?

I play on the USPC Server. USPC is special because it is populated with lots of amazing, skilled, and creative players!

Are you in a league?  Share the story of how you came to be involved with them.

Yes I am a proud member of the Justice Girls! I first became involved with them in late December of 2011 after I had a duel with one of their officers. She was very impressed by our battle and offered me membership to the team! To this date, I'm still a proud member who fights alongside with the Justice Girls against any injustice!

Check out a few additional screenshots from Mermaid’s home that I personally enjoyed!

Mermaid 3

Check out the room where Mermaid shows off the new Armory feature!

Mermaid 4

Do the Justice Girls plan their next big adventure from this command center? I would like to believe they do!

Mermaid 5

I hope Mermaid serves sweet justice at the bar in her base.

We are always grateful for the contributions and support we receive from our player community! If you want to see other submissions for DC Universe Online Player Spotlight, or want to submit one on behalf of yourself or someone else in the community, see the forum thread here