Members of four of the Lantern Corps have turned Metropolis into a battleground, and the new Heroes and Villains will be called to wage battle in this new War of Light. Take on new group adventures and unleash the red light of Rage in a new power set! Challenge the ultimate demonic force and explore the nightmare of Trigon's hellish alternate Gotham City! Devastate enemies or heal allies with the new Celestial Power as you battle through three new Duos, a new Alert and daily solo missions. Bend Space and Time to foil your enemies with new Quantum Powers and take on all new high level group and solo missions! Defend your Home Turf! Customize your own Lair, employ powerful new combat tactics and guard your turf in new Lair PvP Battles! Disruptive arcane forces engulf the streets of Gotham City and Metropolis. Join with powerful allies and battle across the sprawling cityscapes to help restore order, or bring about the darkest evil. Chaos reigns, and battles between Heroes and Villains rage across Gotham City and Metropolis. Nowhere is safe. Battle with the Lantern Corps in the Fight for the Light DLC Pack. Devastate enemies or heal allies with new Electricity Powers and take on new solo and group combat encounters in all-new maps! Crush your enemies with new Earth Powers and join the ultimate battle against Brainiac and his Prime Avatars!