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Game Update 19

The Witching Hour

Join us beginning October 16th for The Witching Hour, our new Halloween seasonal event. Gotham City will be decorated for the season, Klarion the Witch Boy will be causing all kinds of ghoulish trouble, and there will be tricks and treats to be had by all!

Research and Development Update!

Game Update 19 brings more components and plans to create new Research and Development consumables! Players will have a chance to find these new plans from endgame bosses throughout the game. Other new components will be dropped by NPCs of various types throughout the game. The new Research & Development consumables have a variety of potential functions, ranging from offensive combat abilities to disguises for the player! .

Tutorial Update!

When players make new characters and go through The Awakening on Brainiac's ship, they will encounter some new units trying to prevent their escape. Players will need to master Combat Counter Mechanics in order to get past these new foes before making it off the ship.

New Mail UI!

We have given the Mail UI a complete overhaul! Beyond the new sleek look, it is now much easier to use! Some of the new features we have added include a Sent tab to see outgoing mail, an Archive tab for those mails players wish to keep in a safe spot, and a new Compose tab, which features a list of contacts that will populate with your Leaguemates and friends list! Additionally a bigger, more easily navigated inventory window is now available to players when attaching items to your mail!