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Batman Superman Wonder Woman Joker Lex Luthor Circe


Young Bruce Wayne was started on his path to justice when his parents were gunned down in Gotham City's infamous Crime Alley. Now known and feared by criminals everywhere, Batman is a strategic mentor for the new generation of tech heroes. Batman's trust is not earned easily, but you will become his valued partner as he calls on you to battle the chaos in Gotham City.

As his deadly nemesis, The Joker, spreads his evil, the Dark Knight will soon learn that you are a hero he can trust with his secrets.


Sent to Earth from the dying planet Krypton, Superman's Kryptonian physiology grants him tremendous powers under Earth's yellow sun. Now Earth's mightiest protector is the mentor for all new meta heroes, He will be your guide from the start as a fellow defender of truth and justice. He will guide you as you join his battle against archrival Lex Luthor, who seeks to control all superhuman powers.

And in the final battle, Superman's greatest ally will be you.

Wonder Woman

Created by the magic of the Olympian Gods on the enchanted isle of Themyscira, Princess Diana leads the fearless Amazons into battle. As an ambassador for peace and freedom, she gladly mentors the new magic heroes. She will rely on you to fight at her side against the lies and tyranny of the evil goddess Circe, who seeks to rule the world with magic.

And when Wonder Woman must contemplate sacrificing all to save the realms of magic, she will need you as her champion to stand against evil.

The Joker

Rumor has it that the Clown Prince of Crime was once an ordinary man, caught in a vat of deadly chemicals that altered his body and mind. Now certifiably psychopathic, The Joker is a chaotic, maniacal mentor to all new tech villains.

His insane obsession with creating the ultimate weapon against Batman drives The Joker to new levels of destruction - with you along for the ride. But when it looks like The Joker is administering his final bow, he will need you to ensure he can deliver the ultimate punch line.

Lex Luthor

Ruthless megalomaniac Lex Luthor heads the massively powerful conglomerate LexCorp, using his riches for one goal: to defeat Superman and take his place. This criminal genius now mentors all of the new meta villains in their quest for power.

Under his lead, you will learn how to exploit all superpowers, with the goal of controlling and ruling the world. You will join his crusade against the "so-called heroes." And when push comes to shove, you will have your chance to show Luthor exactly how you eliminate anyone standing in your way.


One of the Olympian Gods, Circe is a creature of lies and deceit who believes magic will rule all of reality. She leads her army of vicious Bestiamorphs against any who defy her might. Now she eagerly mentors all new magic villains, seeking to build their power and her own.

Circe will rally you at her side against Wonder Woman and the heroes who would share magic with mortal humans. And when Circe herself is caught up in her own quest for power, she will learn that you too are a master of deceit.