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Creative Director Letter: Sons of Trigon

Posted on 08-01-2013

Hello DCUO community!

It is great to be addressing you again now that we have officially announced our eighth DLC Pack – Sons of Trigon. At launch, one of the major magic-based storylines involved a battle between the Cult of Blood and the Sentinels of Magic; Brother Blood was trying to summon Trigon while Doctor Fate rallied the Sentinels to oppose him. The storyline had a huge cast of legendary characters: Raven & the Titans, Zatanna, Circe, and Wonder Woman, just to name a few. Raven was key to Brother Blood’s plan, and in the end…the villains won! There has been a major cliffhanger out there – what happened to Trigon – and we’re finally going to find out.

Sons of Trigon explores a new zone – a hellish version of Gotham City trapped halfway between Trigon’s dimension and our own. The zone is really amazing and we can’t wait to show it off to you. I know you are going to love what you see. In the Gotham Wastelands, Trigon battles to free himself from the magical shackles that have kept him trapped for so long. He has called upon his sons to compete to free him and thereby become his herald when he enters the realm of Earth.

We’ll be adding some amazing characters into the mix with Sons of Trigon. You’re going to meet some people you have never seen before along with some old favorites getting a chance to expand their roles. Of course the Titans will be there to help their ally, Raven. You’ll see the magic mentors as well – Wonder Woman and Circe. They will be joined by the Fearsome Five: Psimon, Mammoth, Jinx, Gizmo and Doctor Light. You’re even going to see some real fan favorites like Gentlemen Ghost, Cheetah and….wait for it…John Constantine!

I want you to experience the details of the story for yourself when you get the DLC, so I’ll leave the narrative there for now, and tell you about some other features included in the DLC.

Beyond content, Sons of Trigon introduces a brand new power: Celestial. The two trees in the power are called Cursed and Blessed. Both heroes and villains will be able to use a new type of combo powering, to cleanse or corrupt their power into the opposing Cursed or Blessed version. This new mechanic offers a new action packed way to play the healing support role. I think you’re going to love the challenge of mastering Celestial. Tune in for more information on that during SOE Live.

In addition to the new power, we are introducing two Legends characters. The first is Donna Troy. Donna is amazingly powerful. She uses many magical weapons bestowed upon the Amazons by the gods, including her own magic lasso. You will also be able to unlock Cheetah. I love this character and I know you will too. Cheetah not only has an amazing feel to her combat, but she is the first speedster to enter the Legends roster. As a bonus tie in to Sons of Trigon, we will be introducing Wonder Woman and Circe to the Legends roster via the marketplace later this year.

The content itself will include many open world missions dealing with the Sin demons – who have had a huge visual upgrade with this DLC. There are 3 duos, each themed around 2 of the sinful sons. And let’s not forget joining Wonder Woman or Circe in an Alert featuring Trigon himself. You are not going to want to miss this IMMENSE boss in action.

There are of course many feats, styles, and other goodies to collect with the DLC, but that covers it in a nutshell. We’ll be featuring more information at SOE Live and in the coming weeks before the DLC releases, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Jens Andersen
Sr. Creative Director
DC Universe Online