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Character Spotlight: Raven!

Posted on 08-20-2013

By Erin Oakley

Raven is one of hundreds of children sired by the demon Trigon, but she is one of the most powerful, and one of the few who fights to oppose his evil influence.




When Raven’s human mother found herself pregnant by the demon Trigon, she fled to the peaceful dimension of Azarath. Taking the name Arella, she raised Raven to show little emotion, fearing that Raven’s anger or distress would allow Trigon to possess her. Despite her peaceful upbringing, Raven sensed that Trigon was gaining power, and went back to Earth to find someone who could help her contain the demon.

After being turned away from the Justice League of America by the magician Zatanna, who was suspicious of her demonic side, Raven found the Titans. The super group helped her seal Trigon away in an alternate dimension, but he’s constantly looking for a way to break free and return to Earth…




Her half-demon heritage gives Raven powerful Magic-based abilities. Her main power is the ability to channel her Soul Self, projecting her spirit outside of her body to scout, fight, or manipulate objects. Raven is also a powerful empath, which allows her to feel others’ emotions as if they were her own, including taking on others’ pain to heal them. Finally, as one of the Avatars of the seven deadly sins, Raven can inspire Pride in anyone, although using this demonic power makes her nauseous and weak. 

In the world of DC Universe Online, the struggle between Raven and Trigon affects Heroes and Villains alike. Despite her efforts to repel him, Trigon managed to possess Raven and the Titans in his desire to break through to our dimension. Heroes fought to save Raven and Villains worked to release Trigon, but when the dust settled, the outcome of the battle was unclear. 




In DLC 8: Sons of Trigon, it’s revealed that the demon has returned and transformed Gotham City into a hellish wasteland. Raven’s half-brothers, avatars of the seven deadly sins, are loose and looking to corrupt the populace. The Heroes and Villains of DCUO will have to make a choice: fight against the demonic forces that have taken over Gotham… or join them!


Choose your path, pick your powers, and join the fight in DC Universe Online: