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Character Spotlight: Circe!

Posted on 08-08-2013

By Ry Schueller

Circe: Villainous Magic Mentor

Circe is an immortal sorceress with incalculable power. In the DC Universe she is a major adversary to the Amazing Amazon known as Wonder Woman.

Circe 1

Circe was banished to an island planet in space by the Amazon Queen Hippolyta for her crimes against mortal kind. Once Circe managed to find a way to return to Earth, she formed plots to kill the daughter of Hippolyta, Diana of Themyscira (AKA, Wonder Woman). Most of Wonder Woman’s foes repented against their immoral behavior after being subdued by her Lasso of Truth. Circe was unique, as she never strived to mend her wicked ways. Instead, she would escape and plot for victory on another day.

Circe 2

Attended by her abominable Bestiamorphs that serve her with unquestionable loyalty, Circe believes in using magic over mere mortals. These beasts were once men and women who have fallen under Circe’s sorcery. Now they become part of her Bestiamorph Army, a force that accomplishes tasks or wreaks havoc on Circe’s behalf.

Circe 3
“Ah, our champion against fate. Circe has need of you!”
– Brother Blood

In DC Universe Online, Circe mentors new Magic villains. She rallies villains to her cause to fight Wonder Woman and any other heroes foolish enough to share their magic with mere mortals. When it benefits her cause, Circe allies herself with powerful beings. For example, while in the Tomorrow District, Circe calls on villains to work with Brother Blood. Noting that Trigon’s evil energy is manifested in this plane, she seeks to find allies to explore and exploit this power by adding to Trigon’s might and helping him rise again.

Circe 4
“Choose magic and rule. Choose the mortals, and DIE WITH THEM!”
– Circe

Circe makes a compelling argument. Why make a common cause with creatures that are beneath your station? True power belongs to those bold enough to grasp it and strong enough to weld it. As your powers grow, which side will you pick?

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