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Game Update 28 is live!

Pubblicata il 07-24-2013

Game Update 28 is live now on all servers, bringing many quality of life improvements to combat, 2v2 Legends Lair Battles, and more! Read on for details. 


Tier 5 Ring Sockets Added!
Colored sockets have been added to all rings Tier 5 and above. This should include any ring greater than Item Level 80. DPS rings will receive Red sockets with Precision as a bonus, Tank rings will receive Blue sockets with Dominance as a bonus, Healer rings will receive Yellow sockets with Restoration as a bonus, and Controller rings will receive Yellow sockets with Vitalization as a bonus.

2v2 Legends Lair Battles
Team up with an ally as your favorite Legends characters to assault or defend a Lair in a 2v2 sudden death battle! Teams of 2 will go head to head in 5 fast paced rounds of Legends PvP action inside a players Base. Look for this new addition coming soon to the Legends lineup in the On Duty menu.

Targeting Improvements
Many improvements have been made to both the soft and hard targeting systems! Players will notice a more fluid soft targeting system that now takes range of targets into consideration, and a hard targeting system that now functions more accurately. The targeting system will also now react better with certain types of abilities, such as channeled abilities, and abilities that do not require a specified target.

Combat Vulnerability Tuning and Improvements
Players will now notice persistent icons for the three weapon vulnerability states; Vulnerable to Block, Vulnerable to Interrupt, and Vulnerable to Block Breaker. These three weapon vulnerability states are now messaged with the same familiar icons that appear when those attacks apply a counter. These will appear as faint blue icons over the players head for the duration of the vulnerability window.


2v2 Legends Lair Battles

2v2 Legends Lair Battles

2v2 Legends Lair Battles