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Game Update 30 is live!

Posted on 09-18-2013

Game Update 30 is live on all servers, featuring several oft-requested quality of life improvements and options. Read on for details! 


In Progress Instance Options
Players will now have to option to choose to join instances that are already in progress, or join a new instance.This option toggle can be accessed through the Settings menu.

Vulnerability Icon Options
Players will now have the option to enable or disable the Vulnerability icons in different situations in game. This option toggle can be accessed through the Settings menu.

Invite Management Options
Players will now have to option to automatically decline invitations for the following: Groups, Leagues, Trades, Duels, Custom Chat Channels, Scrimmages, and Instances.These options can be accessed through the Settings menu.

Origin Crisis Boss Loot Changes
Game Update 30 will introduce a series of new Item Level 87 and 88 weapons dropping from the bosses in Paradox Wave and Nexus of Reality to fill in gaps for availability of the weapons.New unattuned weapons have been added to the final bosses of the Nexus of Reality and Paradox Wave raids. With these changes all 11 weapon types should be represented at item levels 87 and 88.

Broker Updates
Many improvements have been made to the Broker, including Collection item filtering and item sale details.By checking the “Usable By Me” box in the Broker UI, only Collection items that the player has not collected will be displayed.Sold item mail will now contain more detailed information including the name and stack size of the item sold.

PvP KO Credit Change
PvP Knock Out credit will now be awarded to the player who does the most damage, instead of awarding the credit to the player who lands the final blow.Player pet damage will be added into the owner’s total damage.