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New DLC Pack Sons of Trigon Is Live!

Veröffentlicht am 09-03-2013

Sons of Trigon launches today!

DCUO's 8th DLC Pack, Sons of Trigon, features the rise of Trigon, new Celestial powers, an open world version of Gotham City reduced to a wasteland, new small group and solo content, an all-new alert, and more. From stunning visuals to immersive storylines to deepening gameplay, Sons of Trigon has it all.

  • Players with Legendary Memberships on all servers already have access to Sons of Trigon 
  • The DLC Pack is available for purchase now for players on US PC and EU PC
  • The DLC Pack will be available for purchase on US PS3 today when the US PSN updates their store
  • The DLC Pack will be available for purchase on EU PS3 tomorrow when the EU PSN updates their store

Watch the NEW Sons of Trigon Launch Trailer, then play DC Universe Online for free at!