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Announcing the Friday Night Legends Tour!

Posted on 10-24-2013

Calling all Heroes and Villains!

Competitive PvP in DC Universe Online is taking a huge step forward with the Friday Night Legends Tour. As you may know, we feature live gameplay, PvP leagues, and PvP competition frequently on our weekly livestream, Friday Night Legends.

Watch all FNL episode replays on the DCUO YouTube channel

In the past, this has meant looking at live PvP in the open queues, Main Event match ups between competing leagues, or highlighting events being run by players out there in the community. Glory and fame is won (or lost) in the span of an episode, and then the moment is over. No longer.

The FNL Tour is a series of tournaments hosted by player volunteers in the community, supported by DC Universe Online, and broadcast live on Friday Night Legends. Similar to other eSports or tournament sporting events, players and teams will be able to sign up to compete, and their success will be tracked with FNL Tour Rankings, which will allow high-ranked players entry and seeding in future tournaments, as well as bragging rights in the community.

The Tours

The FNL Tour will actually be two tours initially – one on US PC and one on US PS3/4 – and may expand to other servers in the future. Like their respective servers, these tours will be completely separate, but both will be showcased on Friday Night Legends. We do not yet know how often we’ll host tournaments, and we do not yet know how big they might become. That will largely be up to the community and will depend on how many people wish to participate. We can tell you each tournament may be different in terms of rules, prizing, and number of participants. If you have suggestions, please join us in the Friday Night Legends section of the official DCUO forums to discuss.

November Tournaments

The first two tournaments have been scheduled and will take place in November. Read on for details!

FNL Tour: Olympus Legends (US PS3/4)

  • When: November 8th, 2013
  • Server: US PS3/4
  • Format: 2v2 Legends
  • Prizing Per Team: 3000 Loyalty Points (1st), 2000 Loyalty Points (2nd), 1000 Loyalty Points (3rd)
  • Sign Up Link:
  • Host: SuperPatriot (Olympus Games)

FNL Tour: Living Legends (US PC)

  • When: November 22nd, 2013
  • Server: US PC
  • Format: 2v2 Legends
  • Prizing Per Team: 3000 Station Cash (1st), 2000 Station Cash (2nd), 1000 Station Cash (3rd)
  • Sign Up Link:
  • Host: Oiddad (Community Events Council)

Click here to view the Official Rules.

Sign ups for both events are now open! Both tournaments are taking participants on a first-come, first-served basis, with the exception of the top 4 seeds, who may be entered or placed at the organizer’s discretion. Click on the links above to sign up for the appropriate event, and get ready. Do you have what it takes to win victory on the FNL Tour?

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