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Creative Director Jens Andersen Reveals DCUO's Next DLC Pack, Amazon Fury Part I!

Posted on 04-17-2014

Announcing Amazon Fury Part I!

Tier 6 is here! And with it comes the arrival of our 10th DLC Pack – Amazon Fury Part I!




In Brainiac’s bid to digitize the multiverse, he created three avatars, each associated with a powerful Nexus of Technology, Meta, and Magic. It was the Avatar of Magic’s creation on Themyscira outside the gates of Tartarus that has led us to this moment. Furious at the attack on Paradise Island, Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, began silently planning a counterstrike. Holding the mortal world responsible for letting the infestation of Braniac reach her shores, she decides the time for peace has passed and that the time of war and death has begun.

In Amazon Fury Part I you will experience the beginnings of an all out Amazon assault on Gotham City, the entrance to the Nexus of Reality and the Seat of Brainiac’s power on Earth. But the idea of war has fractured the Amazon civilization, and civil war has erupted. Wonder Woman opposes her mother’s invasion. Amazons have fallen in line behind either their queen or their princess. Which side will you stand beside as the battle for Gotham City begins?

We’re very excited to kick off this trilogy and add a new chapter to the already fantastic Wonder Woman and Circe storylines you can experience in DC Universe Online. Where will the story go from here in Parts II & III? I can tell you now, to great depths and great heights. We’re looking forward to starting this journey with all of you. I know I am anxious to show off the great work the team has done in some livestreams down the road, so stay tuned, because you are going to love what you see.

Until then, here’s a breakdown of the contents of DLC 10 – Amazon Fury Part I.


Jens “Spytle” Andersen
Senior Creative Director
DC Universe Online


New Feature

Weapon Mastery

Inspired by the Amazon’s martial prowess, Weapon Mastery brings combat to a whole new level in DCUO, deepening and expanding the way you use weapon combos and powers together.

New Content

Mythical creatures take up arms as Paradise Island erupts into civil war. Cyclops, Satyrs, Harpies, and more will join the armies of the warring amazons and determine the fate of the mortal world, beginning with Gotham City. The battle lines are being drawn in Amazon Fury Part I.

Gotham Warzone

Gotham City is under assault. An enormous magical barrier has been erected by Hippolyta to contain Brainiac’s forces before the attack begins. Invisible battleships patrol the skies and unload troops and supplies for the assault to come. Creatures from Greek mythology pour into the streets as the warring factions of Amazons begin to form their battle lines. Solo missions in this re-envisioned Gotham City allow players to whether work with the rebels to defend Gotham City and halt the advance of the loyalists, or take up arms with the queen and prepare to reduce the city to rubble.

2 x Iconic Visions

Step into the boots of Wonder Woman and Circe in these two unique Challenges. By using a magical scrying bowl, you will experience a vision of the past and relive the events leading up to the Amazon Civil War that set the events of the Amazon Fury trilogy into motion. Play as Wonder Woman as the Amazon Princess rallies rebel forces to oppose her mother’s invasion of Gotham City. Assume the role of Circe as she tries to prove herself a loyal ally to Hippolyta and lend her godly power to the invading Amazon armada.



Wonder Woman

2 x Dockside Duos

The Amazons have constructed an Armada of invisible battleships to launch their assault on Gotham City and destroy Brainiac. These ships are being loaded with troops and supplies at the docks of Paradise Island. As a rebel supporter you will need to help Wonder Woman’s forces obtain supplies and ships, while at the same time try to prevent the launch of the enemy’s vessels. As a loyalist working with Circe and Hippolyta, you will find yourself defending the war supplies from the rebels and trying to prevent their ships from pursuing your armada to the mortal world.





Paradise Island Alert

Form a group of four and fight your way to the palace gates! Here you will determine the course of history. Wonder Woman will try to stop Hippolyta and Circe from launching their assault. You will have to battle your way up to the highest point on Paradise Island, to the very gates of the palace itself, through never before seen parts of Themyscira. The foes you will face come straight out of the pages of myth and legend. You will get to choose how the battles unfold, as your path and the decisions you make influence the challenges ahead.

New Gear

Tier Six

This DLC brings a whole new tier to the game. Not only are we adding more power to your characters with the extra stats, but we’ve got a whole new approach to how the drops will work. We will continue our new direction with offering gear and styles on vendors. The drops, however, are going to be handled a little differently however… Everything will be unattuned! So, are you a controller and you just got those best-in-slot legs? Well, celebrate; because they are not for a healer, they are for YOU!

Amazon Styles

These terrific slim line styles will really add to a characters look. We’ve got a great direction going for these Greek inspired styles that have a very mix and match approach to them. You’ll find the possibilities for unique looks with these new appearance items to be numerous.

Make sure you stay tuned to our official channels for more information about everything in Amazon Fury Part I as we get closer to launch!

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