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Build and Play Your Characters Like Never Before with Armories!

Publicado el 01-16-2014

Armories Bring Unparalleled Customization to DC Universe Online

Building a character in DC Universe Online is a lifelong process. From the start, Heroes and Villains define who they are by creating their own unique look for their unique characters. They choose their superpowers, their weapons, their skills, then search for their gear and style as they progress on their missions to save (or destroy) the world. With all the options to choose from - and all the different situations a single character needs to be ready for - that can sometimes mean a lot of cumbersome costume changes. Sound familiar?

It should, but not for much longer. Starting today, those slow changes become lightning fast with Armories. An Armory is a visual Base item you can use to imprint (save) everything about your character's build, including your gear, skill points, power points, loadouts, role, styles, and colors. 




Once imprinted, you can then activate your Armory in the field to instantly switch to that build. In PvE, you can even do this in combat with a short cooldown. Gone are the days of running back to the Respec Chamber to switch your points over to your role while your group waits. Gone are the days of finding a new favorite outfit, only to risk forgetting your old one. 

Now Available in the Marketplace!

Every character can complete a mission in-game to receive their first Armory free. Additional Armories are available either individually or in bundles in the Marketplace. Every character can have up to 4 Armories per Base, for up to 16 Armories total, and up to 4 active in the field at any given time. 

Build it. Imprint it. Activate it in the field. What are you waiting for? Get your own Armories in-game today!