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Who is Saint Walker?

Publié le 04-16-2014

By Erin Oakley

Bro’Dee Walker and his family lived on the planet Astonia.  When the planet’s sun began to die, threatening to destroy all life, Bro’Dee turned to his faith for the answer. Recalling the prophecy that a Messiah would appear on Mount Helious, Bro’Dee left his family behind and set out to climb the mountain. 

After nine days of climbing, a nearly-dead Bro’Dee reached the summit, only to find it empty.  Instead of despairing, he continued to hope for salvation, and finally understood the prophecy: he would be the Messiah.  He returned to his people to spread his message of hope in the face of destruction.

Unbeknownst to Bro’Dee, he was being observed by the Guardians of the Universe. When they discovered Bro’Dee’s determination and his ability to bring hope to the people, Guardians Ganthet and Sayd intervened to save Astonia and its people. 

After reigniting the sun, they took Bro’Dee to the Guardians and presented him with the first Blue Power ring, making him the founder of the Blue Lantern Corps.  Christening him “Saint Walker,” the Guardians taught him to use his powers and introduced him to the other Lanterns. 

The Blue Lantern is powered by hope, and as such never needs to be recharged.  Saint Walker can also recharge the Green Lantern at will, simply by wishing for the bearer’s well-being. In addition, only Saint Walker can remove the red light of Rage from the Red Lantern Corps, restoring the members to their former selves.  


Saint Walker


In the world of DC Universe Online, Saint Walker is deeply involved in the War of the Light, an epic an ongoing clash between the Lantern Corps in Metropolis and beyond. Players can also play as Saint Walker in Legends PvP, utilizing hope and the strength of the Blue Lanterns to win victory.

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