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Bundles and DLC Packs On Sale For A Limited Time!

Veröffentlicht am 05-13-2014

DLC Packs On Sale Now!

Now and for a limited time, pick up the DC Universe Online DLC Packs you're missing while they're on sale!




Ultimate Edition - 30% off! (50% off with PlayStation Plus!) 

The Ultimate Edition features DCUO's first four DLC Packs: Fight for the Light, Lightning Strikes, Battle for Earth, and The Last Laugh. Each DLC Pack brings you more stunning content to play and more achievements to unlock as you build your hero or villain, plus access to the Light, Earth, and Electricity powers, and the weapon, Shield. In the bundle, you'll also get Future Batman and Future Harley Quinn for use in Legends PvP. 

Lightning Strikes - 30% off! (50% off with PlayStation Plus!)

Travel to Central City, destroy your enemies or heal your allies with Electricity powers, and see the Flash's origin first hand in this epic DLC Pack. Continue your adventures today!

Origin Crisis - 30% off! (50% off with PlayStation Plus!)

Unleash the raw power of time with new Quantum powers and embark on some of the most stunning 8- and 4-player content DCUO has ever seen. Challenge yourself and your friends as you follow either the Council of Batman or the Council of Lex Luthor into a war across time and alternate realities. Will you help alter the lives of Batman and SUperman for good, or for evil? 


Sale lasts from May 13, 2014, to May 20, 2014, on US PS and US PC.

EU PS will have a similar sale from May 21, 2014, to May 28, 2014.