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Game Update 35 Is Now Available!

Posted on 03-18-2014

Game Update 35

Game Update 35 launches today on PC, PS3, and PS4! 

New Style Vendor!

With Game Update 35 we are implementing a new vendor in the HQs that will offer some of our harder to find styles for sale! This will give players a chance to complete feats without depending on randomness of the drops. These vendors are called Vending Unit 22 and can be found in the Watchtower in the Aquacultural Area, and in the Hall of Doom in The Pit.

Currently each of these items cost 70 Marks of Reality to purchase, with the exception of the previous War of the Light Part I appearance items which vary in price.

Load Screen Tool Tips!

New helpful tips have been added to our loading screens! Players will see tips when they are zoning and will be either general in nature or relevant to where the player is headed, like a Base or an Arena match. If a tip goes too fast, players can look to their chat window display to review what they may have missed!

Safehouse Teleporters!

Now players will be able to travel from safehouse to safehouse directly from safehouse teleporters! After players complete their Headquarters’ tour mission, they will also be able to choose to travel to any HQ wing from any safehouse.

New Vendor Soders!

Three new vendor purchased soders have been created as steps up from the Soder Cola Extreme for Tiers 4 and higher content! These soders will now be rewarded/dropped from appropriate level content and will have combat rating requirements to purchase/use.

League Management Screen Update

We’ve slightly re-arranged the League Management screen for ease of use. This also will allow for more room to incorporate new features!