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Game Update 36 Is Now Available!

Posted on 04-29-2014

Game Update 36

Game Update 36 launches today on PC, PS3, and PS4! 

Legendary Savings! (PlayStation)

Playstation DCUO Subscription Members will now receive a 10% discount on all in-game item purchases! This discount does not include Marketplace Cash, Subscriptions, or DLCs.

All Access Membership! (PC)

One Membership. One Price. All the perks! It’s your ticket to exceptional value, savings and benefits in a boat load of award-winning online games. Game on, friends.

DCUO PC Membership now includes: Premium benefits in all SOE games and 10% discount on Marketplace Items! (Members will still enjoy access to all DLC packs and a 500 Station Cash reward to claim each month.)

10% Discount only applies to purchases made using Station Cash or real world currency. Excludes purchase of virtual currency, memberships, and purchases made using in-game currency.

Combat Balance Changes

As part of our ongoing balance initiatives and to give us a solid foundation for the future, many changes have been made to combat and Powers.

Hide the Heads-Up Display (HUD) during Gameplay

We have added an option in the Settings menu that allows players the option to turn off the appearance of their HUD during gameplay. This should allow for even more epic video and screenshot creations!

Tier 6 Research and Development

With Game Update 36, Research and Development enters Tier 6! Many of these items will not be available to players until Amazon Fury Part I is available.

New on the Marketplace: Total Recovery Kits!

Use this R&D Part to recover all of the Exobytes used to create an R&D Mod. Also works on Mods already socketed into equipment. This process destroys the Mod but leaves the equipment intact. Total Recovery Kits are available individually (150 SC/MC), in packs of four (500 SC/MC), or in packs of ten (1000 SC/MC).