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Improve Your Lair's Form and Function with Marketplace Amenities!

Publicado el 06-04-2014

Marketplace Amenities!

Amenities for your Base are now available on the Marketplace! Make the most of your space by making sure you have all the latest Amenities, available individually or in bundles for great savings. All Amenities purchased on the Marketplace are redeemable for each and every character on your account.




War Room Amenity Pack! 

Turn your base into the ultimate training ground! Discover new power and skill combinations, then put them to the test with the perfect companion to Armories! This pack includes the Respec Station, Bank, and Sparring Target.

Daytrader Amenity Pack!

Give the Waynes and Luthors a run for their money with the Daytrader Amenity Pack! This pack includes the Broker, Mailbox, and Soder Vendor. 


Log in today to pick up your favorite Amenities for all your characters!