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Season's Greedings 2013!

Posted on 12-06-2013

By Erin Oakley

Season's Greedings is back this year, and Larfleeze is again up to his mischief. Keep reading to learn more about Larfleeze and what turns him loose each holiday season in DC Universe Online.




The green guy who stole Christmas is just an amateur compared to Larfleeze.  What’s his is his… and what’s yours is his, too!

Larfleeze is an ancient being, rumored to be billions of years old.  In the distant past, he was a member of a thieves guild that stole a priceless and mysterious artifact from the planet Maltus.  The Guardians of the Universe, an intergalactic group dedicated to keeping the peace, sent their Manhunter robots to track down the thieves.  Larfleeze and a few of the other guild members managed to stay one step ahead, following a treasure map to the planet Okaara in the Vega system.  There, they discovered a temple containing a Power Battery that held the Orange Light of avarice.  The thieves, greedy by nature, felt the orange power speak to them, and any of the Manhunters that tried to follow them into the temple were destroyed.

Fearing the power of the Orange Light, the Guardians made a deal with the two surviving thieves: in exchange for the mysterious artifact, the Guardians would allow just one thief to keep the Power Battery as long as they only used it in the Vega system.  Larfleeze defeated his former companion in combat and handed over the artifact, earning himself the right to be the sole wielder of the Orange Light.  The Power Ring both feeds on and amplifies Lafleeze’s natural greedy instincts, turning him into an insatiable thief.

In fact, Larfleeze’s greatest power is the ability to steal his fallen enemies’ identities.  Whenever he kills someone, Larfleeze can create an orange light construct resembling his victim who then becomes a member of his Orange Lantern Corps.  Constructs can also create new constructs, allowing Larfleeze to build an army without ever having to share his power or plunder.  Like the other Lantern Corps, Larfleeze also has the power of flight and aura projection.


seasons greedings


In the world of DC Universe Online, Larfleeze has decided that it’s way better to receive than to give, and he and his Orange Lanterns are spending the winter stealing presents and Power Rings across Gotham City and Metropolis.

During the winter seasonal event, Season's Greedings, take on his minions in the open world or confront him face to face in a special interior boss fight. Stop him, and you can earn yourself some holiday cheer and presents of your own. Previous years’ feats and rewards are back, in addition to new base items, styles, a feat, and collection.


seasons greedings


Season's Greedings begins this December with the launch of Game Update 32, and lasts through the holidays. Pick a side, choose your powers, and unleash the Hero or Villian inside in DC Universe Online!  Register and play for free today at