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Game Update 26 is live!

Posted on 05-30-2013

Scrimmage: PVP

Players are now able to customize their own PvP matches to challenge friends, League mates, and even enemies to battle! Scrimmage matches can be done on almost any PvP Arena map or Legends map, with any number of players up to the maximum allowed for the chosen map. Players can set up a Scrimmage through the Social Menu, F4 on PC, and left on the D-Pad on PS3.


Promethium Lockbox Update

New items have been added to the Promethium Lockboxes! We’ve removed the rings, necklaces and consumables; however players will now have the chance to get new Superman, Deathstroke, Talon, and Batgirl themed style items! We have also added new Base items, and players will also receive Marks of Triumph or Marks of Reality depending on combat rating level. We’ve even removed the limit on how many boxes you can receive monthly! Visit the Marketplace today to get your Promethium Keys, or become Legendary to have unlimited access!


Vault Update

The Vault now has a chance to drop rings and necklaces that were previously found in Promethium Lockboxes. These ring and necklace rewards players receive are based on current combat rating level and role. Additionally, we have removed the bombs and have made the boxes easier to destroy. Queue up for the Vault for your chance to grab these rewards!


Base Relocation Improvements

We have taken steps to improve the Base Relocation process, ensuring a cleaner move from one location to another. More placement nodes have been added to Bases which will allow for more placed items to remain intact after moving to a new address. Additionally, items placed on these new nodes will be visible during Lair Battles.