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DCUO Penthouse Tour and Spotlight on Kaio

Posted on 06-10-2014

By: Erin Oakley

SOE Spotlight - June 2014

After a long day of fighting, the heroes and villains of DC Universe Online can head back to their own personal Lairs for some relaxation. In this Player Spotlight, Kaio gives us a tour of his penthouse and talks about his in-game experiences:

Is there a story behind your in-game name?
No real big story. It's just a name I have stuck with on most characters I make in certain games. Either Kaio or Zauri. Simple names, easy to spot, straight to the point.

In your opinion what makes USPC special?
Never a dull moment in USPS. High population, toons, everywhere, and very easy to queue up for just about anything.

Are you in a league? Share the story of how you came to be involved with them.
I am in Digital Playground. DCUO is my 2nd MMO and for me it was a slow solo grind to CR 84. There was a friend of mine who I party up with in other games, and he simply suggested I join up and so I did. I have been running with Digital for a good while now. It is a fun league to be in with active and helpful members, many which have various alts so there is always room to run alerts and raids at any time.

Do you have a name for your lair?
Central Node

Is there a theme or specific idea behind your design?
Mostly luxury furniture to fit the penthouse theme, along with paintings and scrolls from wall to wall. All rooms fixed with a mix of art display and entertainment.

Kaio's Lair - Mainfloor 2Main floor

Game roomGame Room

What do you like best about your lair?
I constantly tweak each floor here and there but I really like the setup of the top level.

Kaio Lair - Top LevelTop Level

Playing an MMO is all about the people you play with; share a story about the people you play with.

Instead of a story I will share a screenshot. We told Jared he'd get stuck up there... He didn't even listen so we had to "help" him down.. Lol.

Kaio Lair - Jared is stuckJared is stuck

Here are some more images of Kaio’s penthouse:

Kaio Lair - BarThe Bar

Kaio Lair - The LoungeThe Lounge

Kaio Lair - Main FloorMain Floor


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