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Happy Holidays! Season’s Greedings is back!

Posted on 12-12-2012

Season's Greedings! Starting December 11th, Larfleeze is back for our Winter seasonal event, and he's not JUST stealing presents this year. In the chaos caused in the wake of his holiday heists, he's managed to put a plan into place for an even more perilous plunder. He has turned his attention to the ongoing battle between the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps in Downtown Metropolis, taking Power Rings from the fallen Lanterns and keeping them for himself! And not just one or two rings, no, but as many as his greedy orange mitts can grab!

The situation will soon be untenable. Larfleeze has already stockpiled a large store of Power Rings, and every day brings him more. It will be up to you, Heroes and Villains, to find where Larfleeze is hiding the stolen Power Rings and put a stop to him. So many Power Rings in Larfleeze's possession benefits no one – well, except him – and the potential for damage is rapidly increasing.

Of course, any presents you find that cannot reasonably be returned to their owners can be regifted, if you wish, and Skeets' Workshop will also be available to take some of the sting out of having to again work over the holidays. Here's a look at what you might find this year!

Remember, last year's event and feats are back again this year in addition to new rewards, new feats, and this new boss fight where you'll have to take on Larfleeze! Happy holidays!