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Producer Letter: 2013!

Publié le 12-21-2012

Posted by Larry Liberty

Hello Friends of DCUO,

It's been too long since my last letter, and 2012 has just flown by. I, and everyone here at DCUO, want to take a moment to thank you for playing over the past year and share with you a little insight into what's coming next in 2013. As you know, Home Turf is our next DLC Pack, and it features Player Bases, Lair Battles, new end-game solo content, and significant additions to the player package via the Mainframe. We have been and will continue to share more information about Home Turf as we get closer to launch, which is currently planned for very early in the year. We expect the whole DLC Pack to be available for testing on the PC Test server shortly after the holidays.

As we look ahead to 2013, our plans are ambitious and immense. The content releases both in Game Updates and DLC Packs will be bigger and better than ever before, and we've already begun work on most of what you'll see in some form or another.

Speaking to DLCs, Home Turf is right around the corner, but Origin Crisis (featuring new end-game Raid and Alert content and some killer storylines), Halls of Power (featuring League Bases and so much more), and Trials of Trigon (featuring a brutal Gotham City hellscape that will leave you breathless) are all entering different stages of development. We've been building up to this, and 2013 is shaping up to be our best year yet.

Game Updates will continue as well, notably with Game Update 23 early in the year, the Fire and Ice Power Revamp. We are very excited about both the visual and gameplay changes coming to each power, and I have personally already seen most of Fire in depth. Let me tell you, it absolutely looks and works better than the current incarnation. The current plan is to have the update available on PC Test sometime in January.

What else might you be curious about? Do we have significant plans for PvP as well as PvE this year? Unequivocally yes. Stay tuned. Will we continue to address and improve performance, especially on PS3? Absolutely. We have already seen a dramatically reduced number of daily crashes, with a greater than 50% reduction since mid-September. Work will continue. Will we continue to improve upon and release new seasonal events? Yes. Will we continue to add new gear, new styles, new stories, new content, new features? Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!

Before I go, I also wanted to quickly call out the release of the Inner Sanctum map for Arena and Legends PvP. It's the same map that was used for the SOE Live Legends PvP Tournament, and we've made it available to all players this week. It's great fun. Enjoy it, enjoy Season's Greedings while it lasts, and before you know it, 2013 and Home Turf will be here. We can hardly wait.


Happy Holidays,

Larry Liberty
Executive Producer
DC Universe Online