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Home Turf Recap!

Veröffentlicht am 01-26-2013

Prepare for Home Turf!

Heroes and Villains, the wait is almost over. Home Turf will launch on January 29th, 2013! As DC Universe Online's sixth DLC Pack, Home Turf introduces customizable Player Bases, powerful new abilities provided by your Base's Mainframe, action-focused one on one Player vs. Player Lair Battles, engaging new solo story content in iconic Gotham City and Metropolis locations, and loads of new gear and rewards. There's a lot coming, and a lot you need to do to prepare. If you haven't been following along, here's what you need to know.

Player Bases

When Home Turf launches, all players will get access to a Player Base. Free and Premium players (who do not purchase the DLC) will have access to a Hideout. Everyone needs a small place to customize and make your own, and the Hideout is just that.

The serious Hero or Villain is going to want to put their Base to greater use, get the most out of it, and use it to become a force to be reckoned with out in the world. Legendary players and Premium players (who purchase the DLC) will gain access to a Lair.

Lairs and Hideouts can be located throughout the two cities. You will have hundreds of options, everything from the slums of Gotham City to gorgeous Metropolis.

Check out this livestream on Home Turf Base Entrances to see how they work and where you might want to set up your Base:

Customize Your Base

Your Base begins as a blank slate, an empty canvas. There's no furniture or equipment inside except for the Mainframe, your Base's computer. The rest is up to you. You can fill it with items found throughout the game, everything from couches, beds, and TVs to functioning equipment, like a Bank or R&D Station. Where and how you design your Base is up to you.

Check out this livestream on Home Turf Lair Design to see how customization works and start planning what you want to do with your Base:

The Mainframe

The Mainframe is an advanced computer at the heart of your Lair. Besides running your Base, it also provides you with powerful new abilities for use out in the world. Call down Orbital Strikes when you need extra firepower or Supply Drops when you need last minute help. Get on your communicator and call in your own personal Sidekick/Accomplice or friends in the form of Back-Up/Henchmen. You can also use your Mainframe to gain powerful Mods for your gear.

Check out this trailer and livestream on the Home Turf Mainframe to see exactly how it works:

Lair Battles

Once you've located your Base, customized your setup, and hooked up your Mainframe, you'll feel ready to take on the world, but your Base isn't just a place to hang your cape. In Home Turf, your Base can become a battleground. Lair Battles are one on one Player vs. Player battles that take place either in your Base or in your opponent's.

Check out this livestream on Lair Battles and get a look first hand at the action:

Story-Driven Solo Content

Home Turf doesn't just offer Player Bases, the Mainframe and its abilities, and Lair Battles. The DLC Pack also includes new end-game solo content in the form of missions and bounties at the following iconic locations: Ace Chemicals, Arkham Asylum, The Steelworks, and Stryker's Island. Keep an eye out for new feats, collections, gear, and weapons, too!

Check out these livestreams for a taste of how these new missions will work and what's going on at these iconic locations:

Remember, Player Base items are already dropping in-game, right now, and have been since Game Update 22! Log in today and start preparing your Lair or Hideout for Home Turf's launch on January 29th!


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