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Base Builder's Weekend and Producer's Letter!

Publié le 02-01-2013

Posted by Larry Liberty

Hello again everyone,

I wanted to thank all the DC Universe Online fans out there for their support of our latest DLC Pack, Home Turf.  To ensure that we were as responsive to our players as possible, we did something new with the launch of Home Turf – we created discussion threads for each new piece of content or feature in the Developer Discussion section of our official forums.  The designers that owned the content have been monitoring and participating in those discussions, and we've received loads of great feedback.  As a result, we have been able to turn around a couple of server updates with polish, tweaks, and bug fixes in the first few days, with more to come. The discussions are ongoing, so if you haven't yet weighed in, we invite you to do so.  

Base Builder's Weekend

In celebration of the launch of Home Turf, we will be doubling your chances of getting Base loot this weekend.  Simply put, we will double the odds that you will gain Base items when collecting just about any type of loot in the game, starting Saturday.  This means that you're practically guaranteed to get some in Raid content, and close to certain to in Alerts.  So be sure to log in and deck out your Bases.

I'd like to especially thank our US PS3 players for their patience as we dealt with some load-related downtime over the last few days. Those issues are resolved and we're looking forward to a great first weekend. 

Larry Liberty
Executive Producer
DC Universe Online