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Game Update 23 is live!

Posted on 02-21-2013

Fire and Ice Update

The Fire and Ice power sets have been overhauled with significant improvements to their visual and audio effects, as well as a refactoring of power interactions. Each Power set has received upgraded functionality, visual and audio effects, and descriptions. 

Chat Window Re-Size

Players now have the ability to resize the chat window on both PC and PS3. Players will see a new icon in the top right corner of the chat window that they are able to click and drag to the preferred size. 

Base Functionality Improvements

Improvements to Decoration Mode in Bases have been added! While in Decoration Mode, players have the option to pick up all Base items that have been placed around their Lair or Hideout. 

Loyalty Vendor Update

The Loyalty Vendor on PS3 has been upgraded to include much of the in-game Marketplace's items.