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Game Update 24 is live!

Posted on 03-11-2013


St. Patrick's Day!


Mister Mxyzptlk is back again this year to taunt Metropolis with his riches! We've updated the daily mission to be reset, so you will have extra opportunity to collect your Lucky Clovers! Track "Mxyleprechauns!" in your Mission Journal and speak to Mister Mxyzptlk in your HQ. We've also added new items to the seasonal vendor, including two new Clover-themed style items, your very own Pot O' Gold to add to your Base, and a new Dance-a-ma-jig Trinket! Additionally, we've included a very special Sparkly Rainbow base item, only available in the Vault and from end-game Bosses! Start now before your luck runs out!


Batcave Inner Sanctum Alert


Players can now experience The Batcave Inner Sanctum Raid as an Alert! Can you take on OMAC and Brother Eye with four of your finest? Players can find the Inner Sanctum listed in the Tier 4 Alerts section of the On Duty Menu.


Character Outlines


Character Outlines is a new option that has been added to the game to assist players when they are occluded by effects. By using Outlines, players will always be able to see the outline of their character, another player, or an enemy when blocked by effects. Outlines will fade out when the player is no longer blocked by effects. Players can enable Outlines in their Settings Menu, under Video. Players can also adjust the Fade Distance at which the Outline will fade out with camera distance.



Increased Max Slot Purchases


The maximum limit of purchase-able slot upgrades has been raised! Players can now purchase even more slot upgrades from the Marketplace for Character, Inventory, Bank, and Broker slots.


Mail Service Update


The in-game Mail UI has been updated to assist players with their Inbox and Archive management. Mails will now display their age, and have a color coded system in place to help players recognize how old a mail is. This is in preparation for a system that will come online in the near future that will begin deleting mail older than 30 Days. New mails are colored white; mails older than 25 days progress to yellow, and over 28 days will progress to red. Official warning will go out when the countdown begins, giving players a 30-day notice before deleting any in-game mail.


Mail Archive also has new limits. Free players can archive up to 10 in-game mails, Premium can archive 50 and Legendary up to 100. Anyone beyond the limit will not be able to add additional mail to their archive until they clear space.