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Origin Crisis Launch Dates Confirmed!

Posted on 05-07-2013

Origin Crisis Launch Dates Confirmed!

Launch Date and Early Access for Legendary Members!

Batman and Lex Luthor will wage war across time and into alternate realities with the launch of Origin Crisis on May 14, 2013! Plus, players with Legendary Memberships get early access starting May 8, 2013!

Origin Crisis is DC Universe Online's 7th DLC Pack, featuring the new Quantum power set which gives players the ability to manipulate Time and Space, new Iconic-inspired gear and rewards, and deep, challenging Raid and Group content that will push Heroes and Villains to their limits.

Travel to alternate versions of iconic Gotham City and Metropolis to see what might have been. Set yourself and your friends against the combined minds and councils of alternate reality Batmen and Lex Luthors. Uncover the cost and dangers of manipulating time as a new threat emerges. Steady your resolve and get ready, because Origin Crisis is almost here.

If you haven't been following our previews on our official Twitch.TV or YouTube channels, here's what you need to know.


New Power: Quantum!

Manipulate Time and Space with Origin Crisis' new Quantum power set. By altering time, manipulating gravity, and folding space, this Controller/Damage power set will be a force to be reckoned with. Check out our Quantum teaser and livestream preview videos below.


Meet the Council!

In Origin Crisis, a council of Batmen and a council of Lex Luthors from alternate realities have assembled for war. For more background on these characters - and how you will face them - watch the preview livestream below.


Time-Bending Operations and Iconic Anomalies!

Two new 4-person Operations will take Heroes and Villains into alternate versions of Gotham City and Metropolis, where key changes to the origins of each city's most powerful heroes have been made. It will be up to you to make things right (or wrong)! Luthor and Batman are also running simulations to test what effect a change in time might have on the present. Explore key moments in the origins of Huntress and Bizarro in Iconic Anomalies, previewed below.


New Raids, Incredible Challenge!

The Raids in Origin Crisis reward a new currency, Marks of Reality, and, look, you're going to have to earn them the hard way. The Nexus of Reality and Paradox Wave Raids are intended to be the most challenging content in the game, and perhaps the most difficult you've ever faced. They will test your limits and inspire you to rise to the challenge. Below is Episode 4 of Friday Night Legends (our weekly DCUO livestream), where Odyssey - one of our best Leagues - attempts the Nexus of Reality. Attempts.


Members Preview!

Now that you're all caught up, how excited are you for Origin Crisis? Remember, if you're dreading waiting this next week for the war to begin, players with a Legendary Membership will be able to access Origin Crisis early with a Members Preview starting May 8, 2013! Sign up and subscribe for your Legendary Membership today!

For more information about the Legendary Membership and all its benefits, head to