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Game Update 26 Preview!

Posted on 05-17-2013

Game Update 26 Preview!
Two things you should tell your friends about Game Update 26, and one you should tell your enemies.

Scrimmage: PvP!
If you have ever wanted to throw down with your enemies or rivals, compete in or host a player-run PvP event, or just face off against your friends for practice in any of DCUO's PvP Arenas, Scrimmage: PvP is made for you. Use your Social Menu to challenge any group to an Arena match with your own. To make things more interesting, most Maps are available (regardless of where they are at in the regular PvP map rotation), and you can even set up matches with groups of uneven sizes. Is your League mate constantly bragging about PvP skills, claiming he could "take you all on" all by himself? Perfect. Now he or she can prove it!

Remember, Scrimmage: PvP offers no tangible rewards, but it does provide the absolute best path to Ultimate Bragging Rights. We can't wait to see what the community will do with this powerful new tool. Game Update 26 is now available on the PC Test server for Legendary PC players to test, and for hints and ideas about what's possible, make sure you tune into Friday Night Legends once Game Update 26 launches.

Updated Promethium Lockboxes!
Also in Game Update 26, Promethium Lockboxes are getting an overhaul. We're adding new items to the boxes, removing some others (they will head to the Vault for the most part), making all items found in Lockboxes FULLY tradeable, and removing ENTIRELY the cap or limit on receiving Lockboxes. You can get as many as luck dictates, and you can even trade away items you get but don't want, or perhaps already have.

New Lockboxes will have a chance to drop inspired-by Iconic gear styles from Superman, Deathstroke, Batgirl, and Talon, and a host of Base items, including the much-sought-after Prehistoric set. Feats are attached to each suit and the Prehistoric Base items.

New Lockboxes will no longer drop consumables, low level gear, rings, or necklaces. Look for a new special gift box in the Vault that can reward these rings and necklaces.

Launch Date
Game Update 26 will be live before you know it, and is currently on PC Test, so stay tuned to our channels for the latest updates and launch date, once set.