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Now Live! Game Update 10!

Posted on 02-27-2012

Game Update 10 continues the matchmaking improvements begun in Game Update 9 with a completely revamped On Duty User Interface. The system and interface have been rebuilt from the ground up with greater flexibility and convenience in mind so that players can group up and get playing the instances they want faster.

New On Duty UI!

The new On Duty UI reflects the Mission Journal in design, providing all the information and options you need to queue for instances in one simple window.

Tabs across the top of the window separate the types of instances available, and available instances are listed down the left side. Descriptions and relevant information is displayed in the center. Your status and your group's status is displayed on the right.

To queue for an instance, select it from the list.

If you would like to queue for more than one instance or for any combination of instances, simply select the instances you desire. You'll join the earliest available instance of those you selected, and avoid any you have not.

Once you're finished selecting the instances, you'll be prompted to pick a role.

Selecting the My Status window will bring up the role selection screen in the center. From this screen, you're able to choose any role available to you.

In Legends:PvP, you'll have a similar screen to select your character.

Once you've selected your role and you're ready to join an instance, select the Queue button across the bottom of the screen to enter the queue. You know you're currently in a queue because the bottom bar, My Status window, and the tab across the top all turn green. If you stop partway through a selection, the tab will remain red.

If you're unable to join a certain instance, you'll see a lock symbol next to it and what you need to do to unlock it.

Finally, if you change your mind and want to add or remove an instance, simply select or deselect the desired instances and hit the Update Queue button below.

Questions? Comments? Head to the forums and let us know what you think!