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DC Universe Online Player Spotlight: Stormson's Place

Pubblicata il 01-07-2014

By: Ry “Roshen” Schueller

Our games are filled with imaginative players that leave their marks on the digital worlds around them. For example, many players have created innovative in-game homes or original character designs that they’re noticed for. In SOE Player Spotlight we highlight examples of noteworthy individuals in the player community.

Stormson 1

This week, we’re looking at Stormson’s place, named Gih Maktal. This is an ancient themed lair is inside of DC Universe Online. This lair is extra special because it wasn’t designed by Stormson. Instead, it was decorated by Stormsonswife, as an act of kindness for her husband Stormson.

What was your theme as you designed and decorated your home?

This home was inspired by Gih Maktal, which is the name of the city in which the character Stormson rules. 

What is your favorite item that you have on display? What makes it special to you?

Stormson 2

We like the Spartan that is fighting the lion. Stormson likes it because he feels that it tells a story to visitors without using words.

How can other players find this home in-game?

Simply add Stormson on the US PS3 server to your lair list, and he’ll reciprocate.

Check out a few more neat screenshots from this home!

Stormson 3

When Stormson is on the case, he has a proper command center for surveillance and recon before any mission!

Stormson 4

Stormson’s Trophy Room: A collection fit for a museum.

We’re always grateful for the contributions and support from our player community! If you want to see other DC Universe Online submissions for Player Spotlight, or want to submit one on behalf of yourself or someone else in the community, see the forum thread here