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The Witching Hour Returns With New Items, Styles, and Feats!

Posted on 10-08-2013

By Erin Oakley

Klarion the Witch Boy returns to DC Universe Online for the Witching Hour 2013! This blue-skinned sorcerer brings tricks and treats, new styles, base items, feats, and more to those who dare to face him in DCUO’s special Halloween event.


The Witching Hour


Klarion grew up under the streets of New York City in the subterranean city of Limbo Town. He and the other residents are descendants of the colonists of Roanoake, a group of early American settlers who vanished without a trace in 1587. Limbo Town has remained sheltered from the outside world ever since, and its residents mix colonial-era values and customs with a reverence of sorcery and the occult.


The Witching Hour


Klarion was always a rebellious child, and powerfully curious about “the blue rafters:” the outside world above Limbo Town. He grew tired of the community leaders trying to restrict his powers, and finally managed to escape to New York after chaotic events in Limbo Town. Despite his naiveté about the outside world, Klarion actively seeks out adventure, accompanied by his feline familiar Teekl.


The Witching Hour


Thanks to his heritage, Klarion is a powerful magic user, capable of teleportation, divination, and necromancy. He shares a psychic link with his familiar Teekl, enabling the two to communicate and work together. Teekl can transform into a human-sized werecat, or combine with Klarion to form a monstrous Horigal. In addition to his powers, Klarion is skilled at deception, allowing him to manipulate others to his will.


The Witching Hour


In the world of DC Universe Online, Klarion isn’t content with his own sorcery; he seeks to steal the powers of other magic users and wreak havoc in Gotham City during “The Witching Hour” Halloween event. The Phantom Stranger and Tala may be rivals, but both are working to stop him before his chaotic magic spirals out of control. Heroes and Villains who help them can earn new and returning favorite Halloween-themed base items, gear, and special Feats!

Pick a side, choose your powers, and unleash the Hero or Villian inside in DC Universe Online! It’s free to play, so register now at