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Celebrate With Us!

Happy 9th Anniversary!

Another big year has come and gone. We joined the Justice League Dark to stop threats of a dark magical variety, and then faced down even darker threats from the Dark Multiverse and the Dark Knights.

It's time to lighten up a little as we head into 2020, starting with the anniversary event and...the threat of complete annihilation at the hands of the Anti-Monitor.

Alright, well, we'll start lightening up a bit soon. For now, it IS time to celebrate. Enjoy the Attack of the Anti-Monitor anniversary event through January, and because it is our anniversary, make sure to log in now to claim your anniversary gifts!

As always, your support through the years is invaluable. Thank you for spending your 2019 with us. Now, on to 2020!



Everyone gets to celebrate the anniversary with one FREE Character Advance to CR255 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC) or to CR100 (Nintendo Switch)!

Whether you want to jump back in on a main character or start a new one, this advance will get you right into the fight. This character advance also comes with numerous starter items to get you going and the new Hera's Strength 2020 gear suit, pictured below. (Note that player-requested open helmet!)

Plus, if you want the Hera's Strength style on multiple characters, you can pick it up through Style Unlocking after you have equipped it on any character. 

Hera's Strength 2020

To claim your free Character Advance, you must log in between now and January 31, 2020. Once you have logged in, you may use the advance right away or save it for a later time. One per account.

Additional Character Advances may be purchased at Character Creation or Character Select. 



Of COURSE there are more gifts for Members.

Starting today, log in to claim your special Member Appreciation Gift Box. Inside you will find the Member Gift Artifact Cache, Artifact Catalysts, XP, and Seals, AND the full set of all-new ROYAL CHROMA MATERIALS!

Materials allow you to swap out the texture (or "material") on any gear style with a new one. Royal Chroma Materials channel elegance and come in seven colors (yes, you get them all).

Like all Chromas, each color comes as a set of three variants to allow for the ultimate in customization (yes, you still get them all!). That's 7 sets of 3 variants each, for 21 total Chroma Materials. Math is so 2020.

Take a look!

Royal Chroma Materials (Example of Each Color)

Royal Chroma Materials (Example of the Green's 3 Variants)

To claim your free Member Appreciation Gift, you must be a member and then log in between now and January 31, 2020. Players can upgrade to membership and log in to receive the Member Appreciation Gift. One per account. Items are account bound.

Not yet a Member? Join now and start reaping the rewards. As a special bonus, all Memberships are 25% off on US PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Look for the deals and details in your console store. 



Look, you knew it was coming. Also starting today, Open Episodes are back! All players can play through Episode 35 (with increased loot lockout times) now through February 7, 2020. Log in, rank up, and get a taste of what you have been missing.

Open Episodes will run through February 7, 2020. Excludes Metal Part II.


Happy Anniversary, and we'll see you in-game!



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