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Augments and the Augment system launched with Game Update 85. 

  • Augments replace the existing R&D gear mod system and equip directly into your character's body. 
  • Augments rank up similar to Artifacts, using Exobytes for item experience.
  • There are two kinds of Augments - Origin and Adaptive. 
    • Origin Augments rank up and grow with your character permanently. 
    • Adaptive Augments have special bonuses for the content they are acquired in, and are replaced over time. 
  • There is a new Augments inventory and UI for using and equipping your Augments. 
  • Golden Exobytes will aid in the transition to Augments from R&D. 



The modern superhero and supervillain is always evolving, seeking out and utilizing the latest magic, metagenes, and tech available for advantage in the field. For years in DCUO, this has meant a focus on the Research & Development of combat equipment mods powered by Exobit fragments left over from Lex Luthor's desperate gambit to prepare the world for Brainiac. This technology has served the world well, but a new breakthrough is on the horizon that leading scientists and engineers think will make equipment mods obsolete. Why modify gear, when the technology may soon exist to modify the body?

Designed to supplant and replace the current R&D mod system, Augments are similar to but go beyond equipment mods. Instead of socketing into gear like mods (and then needing to be moved and replaced frequently), Augments socket into your character's body directly, rank up like Artifacts, and provide a wide array of new bonuses and stats.



All characters will be granted their first set of Augments at level 25, and Augments are ranked up using the Fortify UI, just like Artifacts. Unlike Artifacts, Augments primarily use Exobytes of a variety of colors and qualities to rank up. Matching like-colored Exobytes with like-colored Augments will result in an experience bonus when fortifying. Exobytes are obtained through missions and through salvaging unwanted gear. The higher item level the gear, the better the Exobyte received.

Augments can be inserted into the body of a character using the new Augments UI, which is similar to the Equipment UI for gear. Just like gear, Augments can be saved into Armories and swapped out at any time. 




There are two kinds of Augments: Origin and Adaptive. Origin Augments will permanently rank up with your character over time. Four Origin Augments can be equipped at once. Adaptive Augments are found in content starting with Teen Titans: Judas Contract for characters Combat Rating 230+, provide specific bonuses in the episode in which they are obtained, and are replaced with each new Episode. Like Artifacts, unwanted Adaptive Augments can be fortified into new Adaptive Augments, so that progress can be carried forward. 

Look for the mission "Building a Power Base" to get started (if you are over level 25). 



Augments can be ranked up (or leveled) through the Fortify process using Exobytes. When enough item experience has been obtained, your Augment will rank up to the next level or rank. There are currently 217 Augment Ranks, and that max rank will increase each Episode. Adaptive Augments will also require breakthrough catalysts at certain ranks, resulting in better bonuses. 

  1. From your inventory, select the Artifacts/Fortify tab.
  2. From the right-hand side, select the Augment you wish to rank up. Selecting it will move it to the interface on the left.
  3. Once selected, applicable Exobytes and other items will appear as options on the right. These are items you currently have on your person that can be used to rank up your Augment.
  4. Select whichever items you wish to use to Fortify your Augment, and then select Fortify to confirm.



All players level 25+ will receive Golden Exobytes for a limited time while we transition from R&D gear mods to Augments. The specific kind of Golden Exobyte (or, how much Augment item experience each character will be granted) will be generously determined based on that character's current Combat Rating. We expect no players to lose progress or stats in the transition.

Additionally, R&D mod sockets in gear will disappear, and all legacy (obsolete) R&D items in existence will grant 20 item experience, so that they can be fortified into your new Augments. Adaptive Augments can be fed into other Adaptive Augments so that progress can be carried forward episode to episode, or if you decide to respec your character. 

Finally, Total Recovery Kits from the Marketplace will be obsolete. These can be consumed and converted into Exobyte Boosters, which when fortified into an Augment increase the amount of item experience received during that fortification by 35%. Exobyte Boosters will be available on the Marketplace permanently. 


Questions about Augments? Ask us on the official DCUO discussion forums!


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