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Nintendo Switch: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re just getting started with DCUO on Nintendo Switch, this FAQ is for you. Have quesitons that are not answered here? Please ask them on the official forums or tweet to us at @DCUO. We will continue to update the questions below.

If you have an account-related issue, please open a ticket with Customer Service at



When will DCUO launch on Nintendo Switch?
DCUO will launch on August 6, 2019 at 9AM PT.

How do I download DC Universe Online on Nintendo Switch?
On your console, search for DC Universe Online in the Nintendo eShop or look for it in the free-to-play section. On the web, head to Nintendo website directly. 

Do my account or characters transfer from other platforms to Nintendo Switch?
No. Players will connect to DCUO using their Nintendo Accounts, which will not be linked to existing accounts. 

Is DCUO on Nintendo Switch free-to-play?
Yes. As on other platforms, DCUO will be free-to-play on Nintendo Switch.

Does DCUO on Nintendo Switch allow crossplay?
DCUO will launch with a brand-new, fresh server, separate from all other communities. We look forward to exploring crossplay options in the future.

Is Nintendo Switch Online required for play?
No, anyone can download, log into, and play DCUO online without purchasing Nintendo Switch Online. 

Is an internet connection required to play DCUO?
Yes, you must be connected to the internet to connect to the DCUO servers. Special care has been taken to ensure on-the-go play is as good an experience as docked in your living room. All you need is a little bit of wifi or even a mobile hotspot to connect and play.

Does DCUO on Nintendo Switch offer membership?
Yes. As on other platforms, the game can be enjoyed free-to-play, with individual content purchases, or with membership, granting access to everything. Membership will automatically recur until cancelled. 

Are all episodes, superpowers, and content available at launch, or do they roll out over time?
All content is available at launch, in parity with other platforms, including all episodes and powers. 

What is Marketplace Cash?
Marketplace Cash can be purchased on your Nintendo Switch console store, and is then used in-game to purchase any and all items from the in-game Marketplace.

What are Loyalty Points?
Members receive several currency grants each month with their membership, including Loyalty Points. Loyalty Points are similar to Marketplace Cash, but are spent at a special Loyalty Vendor. The Loyalty Vendor and the Marketplace have identical offerings. 

What is the download size for DCUO?
At launch, the download is expected to be 24 GB. 

What is Premium Access?
You receive Premium Access once you have spent 500 Marketplace Cash in the in-game Marketplace, or purchased any DCUO bundle or membership from the Nintendo eShop. Members will also be Premium should their membership expire. With Premium Access you get additional character, inventory, and bank slots, as well as an increased cash cap, and more! You also get access to the Premium Queue instead of the Free Queue on login.

What is Membership?
Membership is a recurring monthly subscription that grants access to all superpowers, weapons, episodes, and much, much more. Membership is the ideal and most economical way to enjoy the entire game. 


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