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Artifacts and the Artifact system launched with Game Update 76. Find these special equipment items, fortify your Artifacts to rank them up, and gain a variety of stronger stats, buffs, and effects. Just getting started? Here's what you need to know. 


Artifacts are powerful items that you can rank up (or, level up) over time. You feed item experience into Artifacts by fortifying special Reagent items into them. Reagents are found randomly throughout the entire game when defeating NPCs, as well as in the Vault, the daily Stabilizer event, and directly in the Marketplace.   



Artifacts are a new type of gear with their own special equipment slot on your character. Equipping your Artifact works like any other piece of gear, in that you will gain the stats listed. They can also provide a varietly of buffs and group buffs, specific to each Artifact. As your Artifact ranks up, it becomes stronger. Three Artifact equipment slots are available. 



Artifacts can be ranked up (or leveled) through the Fortify process, where special Reagent items are combined with your Artifact to grant it item experience. When enough item experience has been obtained, your Artifact will rank up. There are 160 Artifact Ranks, and every 20th level is a special Milestone Rank that is more difficult and more rewarding to breakthrough.

  1. From your inventory, select the Artifacts tab.
  2. From the right-hand side, select the Artifact you wish to rank up. Selecting it will move it to the interface on the left.
  3. Once selected, applicable Reagents will appear as options on the right. These are items you currently have on your person that can be used to rank up your Artifact.
  4. Select whichever Reagents you wish to use to Fortify your Artifact, and then select Fortify to confirm.
  5. Every 20th rank is a Milestone Rank, which requires special items called Catalysts in addition to the proper amount of item experience to breakthrough. Catalysts can be found from Constantine in your Headquarters or directly in the Marketplace.


For even more information about Artifacts, read this Development Update



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