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Starter Costume

Every hero or villain needs their signature look. Character creation is your time to let your personality shine!

You can choose to build your own costume completely from scratch, or use a template that’s inspired by an existing DC icon. With thousands of combinations of gear to select from, jump in and customize everything from your outfit to your emblem and so much more.

Love Catwoman’s style? There are over 30 existing heroes and villains to choose from as templates, including her. Love Catwoman’s style, but think it would look better in hot pink? You’ve got the power to customize any aspect of an “inspiration” once it’s been selected.

Finding your unique style is a journey that will continue throughout your adventures! Character creation is only a small selection of the styles that are available, and you’ll quickly start discovering new styles to upgrade your look.

Style Tab

Your Style Tab is your in-game hub for managing your costume. From changing your color palette to refreshing your look with new styles you’ve acquired, each element of your costume can be updated at any point in time.

Plus, you don’t need to wear a particular piece of gear in order to use that gear’s style! Once you have a style, you’re free to use it whenever you’d like, no matter what you are actually wearing.

For more awesome styles – including auras, weapon styles, skins, materials, and more – be sure to check out the in-game Marketplace!


Your palette gives you the freedom to pick 4 colors to build your style on, making killer costume design easy. Most pieces of gear will enable you to set their primary, secondary, and tertiary colors using your existing palette. So that's up to three color options from the four colors you have selected in your palette. You can also customize each style slot separately, letting you pick which of your colors you want to display where. Your shirt and your pants don't have to match!

In addition, you can adjust the colors for your skin, eyes, hair, and makeup separately.

Want a style refresh? You can update any of the colors in your palette at any time!

Style Holding

Are you a fan of form over function? Maybe you’ve got the latest gear, but love your existing style?

You can choose to hold the style for a specific piece of gear for your costume to prevent it from changing when you equip something new. If you want to keep that fantastic style you just spent all day developing in character creation, hit the Hold All button in your Style Tab so that new gear you find won’t replace it!

The Journey To Find Your Costume

As you adventure throughout Gotham and Metropolis, you’ll pick up and earn a variety of gear from foes you beat and missions you complete. Each item will have a style associated with it, and will let you know whether or not you’ve already unlocked that particular style for that particular piece of gear. Each new piece you discover gives you more options to create your own unique hero or villain, so get out there and start exploring!

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