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So, you’ve picked The Joker as your mentor. Now that you’ve made it safely off Braniac’s ship with some help from Lex Luthor, you’ve arrived at your safehouse at the North Burnley Nightclub in Gotham. Go find Triggerman Tony, who has an urgent message for you from the Joker himself! He was impressed with the way you dealt with Braniac’s forces, and wants to see how you can handle his cops-and-robbers problem on the ground.

The Joker’s planning a little gang war to get at his nemesis, Batman! The Falcone mob hates the Penguin, so Joker’s preparing shipments of his explosives and some Apokolyptian weapons for them to help them settle the score. There’s just one problem – the pesky police keep getting in the way. That’s where you come in!

Party Crashers

Some rookie members of the GCPD are hassling Falcone’s men down by the Burnley Waterfront, and it’s up to you to set them straight! Exit the safehouse and follow the arrow on your minimap to the southeast until you reach the waterfront.

No matter how many cops the Falcone mob pays off, there are still more rookies looking to protect and serve – so teach them a lesson! When you knock them out, they’ll drop their weapons. Once you’ve collected enough, access your journal to complete the mission.

Smash and Grab

Joker’s caught word that the police are rounding up Falcone gangsters nearby, and have confiscated his shipment of explosives! Following your minimap again, head north to the location of the Police Sting Operation.

Once you reach the area, you’ll see that there’s a Falcone member nearby named Vito who could use a hand – in fact, there are often people throughout the city who will reward you something for a dirty job well done. Be sure to talk to them to score a little extra on the side!

There are GCPD cops all over the area, so take them down and release the Falcone mobsters they’ve arrested. You’ll also need to free some of Falcone’s men from nearby SWAT vans, but be careful – they’re heavily guarded!

The Big Payback

Joker’s shipment has made it to the Falcone warehouse, but the GCPD have it surrounded! Not to worry – Joker has an “explosive” plan that he wants you to put into action. Head northwest to the warehouse and grab some of his explosives from a weapons crate.

Create some chaos by rigging nearby cop cars and patrolmen with Joker bombs! Once you’ve successfully scattered their forces, head south to the Gotham Freight Yards. The Falcone mob needs your help again, reviving some of their fallen men and taking down more cops in the process. Once you’ve secured the area, complete the mission in your journal for a reward.

Shipping and Handling

Joker’s shipment of Apokoliptian cannons for the Falcones has arrived, but the police have raided the warehouse! He wants you to head inside and keep the GCPD away from his precious cargo. He’s also heard a rumor that Batman has sent The Huntress to investigate, making this your toughest challenge yet.

Head inside the Warehouse and send the GCPD back to where they came from! If you free Falcone mobsters along the way, they’re more than happy to help join in the firefight.

Suddenly, disaster strikes! A detective shows up to arrest you, but a sly ally sneaks in to take him down – Catwoman! She has her own motives for showing up to the warehouse (probably something shiny), but the two of you will make a great team since you both want the GCPD gone.

As you move further through the warehouse, the GCPD keep throwing stronger forces at you, so watch out for their SWAT elite squad.

Once you’ve made it to the back of the warehouse, a new foe arrives on the scene – The Huntress! Sent by Batman, she’s here to help the raid and make sure justice is served. Keep an eye out for her explosive bolts and sneak attacks, and work with Catwoman to take her down.

Congratulations on sending The Huntress flying!

The Joker is impressed with your flair for chaos – there’s no doubt he’ll be relying on you to help wreak havoc on Gotham in the future!

Clubhouse Clout

Catwoman wants to give you a little something for keeping the cops distracted, so exit the warehouse and head back to the North Burnley Nightclub. Speak with her to claim your reward and grab your next mission. Your explosive adventure through Gotham is just beginning!

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