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Welcome to the world of DCUO! In your adventures, you’ll be exploring tons of iconic locations from the DC Universe. Depending on which mentor you picked, you’ll begin your journey in either Gotham or Metropolis.

Team up with heroes such as Batman and The Huntress or villains such as The Joker and Catwoman on adventures throughout this iconic city. Here are the top sites to check out in Gotham:

  • Wayne Enterprises
    Located in the Diamond District, this building is home to the multinational conglomerate Wayne Enterprises. The company, owned and chaired by Bruce Wayne, focuses on finance and high-end technology.
  • Crime Alley
    This alley behind a once-popular movie theater was the location of the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. The alley is now home to the Wayne Memorial, which Bruce Wayne maintains with a collection of roses.
  • Ace Chemicals
    A front for a variety of underhanded dealings, Ace Chemicals is the location where an unlucky fall into a vat of chemicals created an instantly recognizable face and the Clown Prince of Crime himself – The Joker.
  • Arkham Asylum
    This medical institution and penitentiary has been home to a variety of Gotham’s craziest criminals over the years. With all the chaos from Braniac’s attack, the inmates are looking for new ways to escape!

For more iconic sights in Gotham, be sure to pick up the Booster Gold mission in your safehouse.

Whether you’re teaming up with Superman and Wonder Woman or wreaking havoc with Lex Luthor and Circe, your journey will take you on a tour of this well-known city. Here’s what to look for in your adventures around Metropolis:

  • Centennial Park
    This beautiful park stretches from Midtown all the way to Downtown. It’s also the home of the Superman statue, which memorializes his sacrifice to save Metropolis from Doomsday.
  • LexCorp Tower
    The tallest building in downtown Metropolis, this tower is home to the diversified global corporation LexCorp. Founder, president, and CEO Lex Luthor uses LexCorp’s resources for a variety of his plots and plans.
  • Glenmorgan Square
    This square, located in downtown Metropolis, is the entertainment center of the city and a popular attraction for visitors.
  • S.T.A.R. Labs
    The facility is home to the Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Labs (S.T.A.R. for short). Braniac has his eye on the labs, no doubt for nefarious purposes…

To check out more iconic sights in Metropolis, grab the Booster Gold mission in your safehouse.

Depending on whether you’re a hero or a villain, your headquarters will either be the Watchtower or the Hall of Doom.

  • Watchtower
    Orbiting high above earth, this main headquarters for the Justice League is the home base for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and now all of Earth’s heroes.
  • Hall of Doom
    Submerged deep in a swamp, this hub for the Secret Society of Super-Villains is where you’ll find Lex Luthor, The Joker, Circe, and now all of Earth’s villains.

Both Headquarters have a variety of vendors at your disposal, provided you’re on good terms with each of the factions. There are also many teleportation pads throughout both of the Headquarters that can take you to player safehouses or iconic locations around the world and off.

Besides running, flying, or acrobatics, there are a variety of ways to travel within and between cities. Each safehouse has a Teleportation Hub that can transport you to other safehouses in both cities and different wings of your Headquarters. In addition, when accessing your map, there are options to teleport to a few key locations as well. Keep track of these hubs so you always know the fastest way to get to where the action is!

Map & Minimap
Your map and minimap are your ultimate guide for exploration around the world of DC Universe Online!

Your minimap will point you in the direction of your next mission, show you nearby players and enemies, and highlight points of interest in your immediate vicinity. Your full map will show you locations around your current city and your general mission location, along with giving you the ability to teleport to your Headquarters, your base, or the nearest rally point.

Your adventure awaits – so get out there and get exploring!

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