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Aura Pack II + Spooky Bites

Aura Pack II

As fog begins to roll in and the nights get darker, it’s time to update your character’s aura to match the spooky atmosphere of autumn. Enter Aura Pack II, now available in the Marketplace!

Aura Pack II includes four (4) Vapor Aura variants in seasonal colors:

  • Red Vapor Aura
  • Black Vapor Aura
  • Orange Vapor Aura
  • Purple Vapor Aura

This is also the first time any Vapor Auras have been available PC, PS3, or PS4. These exact four auras are available in every pack. The new Aura Pack II is available for 1500 Daybreak Cash (PC) or 1500 Marketplace Cash (Consoles).

Spooky Bites

Also coming to the Marketplace – Spooky Bites!

What’s a Spooky Bite? Spooky Bites are an in-game currency that you can earn during The Witching Hour, our annual Fall Seasonal Event. You can still get Spooky Bites in-game by completing the daily mission.

The Witching Hour Base Items

But maybe there’s something new this year (or returning from past years) that you just HAVE TO HAVE for this Halloween. That’s where Spooky Bites in the Marketplace come in! You can buy a bundle of 50 Spooky Bites for 600 Daybreak Cash (PC) or 600 Marketplace Cash (Console).

Pets and Items

These Spooky Bites will be added to your Currency tab in game, and you can spend them like normal at Skeets’ Boo-tique!

PLEASE NOTE: The maximum number of Spooky Bites a player can have is 250. Please spend your currency appropriately before playing the content or purchasing Spooky Bites in the marketplace, as bites received over 250 will be lost.

Head to the Marketplace now to pick up Aura Pack II and Spooky Bites, then get yourself to Gotham City for The Witching Hour!


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