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New Daybreak Franchise Studios FAQ

New Daybreak Franchise Studios FAQ

To help you navigate the new studio brands, here’s a list of common questions that may come up for you during this process.


Q:  Are these separate and individual companies from Daybreak?

A:  At this time, each studio is operated as an individual franchise business unit within Daybreak, with its own name, identity and mission statement.

Q: Will this affect my Daybreak account? If so, how?

A: The new studio brands will not affect your Daybreak account. There has been no transfer of your customer information, which is still subject to Daybreak’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. However, should you choose to opt-in, you may receive emails from each of the development studio’s domains in the future.

Q: Where can I find out more information?

A: Visit the following websites for additional information about the new development teams:,, and

Q: How will this affect the games I play?

A:  This will have no impact on the games you currently play on Daybreak Games’ live service. If you have specific questions or additional concerns, submit a ticket to:

Q: How will this affect Standing Stone Games?

A: Standing Stone Games will remain the same and continue to develop and operate Dungeons & Dragons Online and The Lord of the Rings Online. Daybreak will continue to provide publishing support for the games. There will be no impact on LOTRO or DDO service. If you have specific questions or additional concerns, submit a ticket to:

Q: I’m still seeing you referred to as Daybreak Games all over the web. How do I know this is not a scam?

A: We don’t blame you for being cautious; but we assure you this is real. While we’ve done our best to tell everybody who needs to know about our new studio brands, it takes a while for the whole world to get the message.


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