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DCUO is Coming to Xbox + More News and Reveals!


Happy 5th Anniversary, Heroes and Villains! Today we’re celebrating five years in Metropolis, Gotham, and the many other locations we’ve traveled to in the DC Universe. And we’re just getting started!

To celebrate our anniversary, we were featured on two of Kinda Funny Games’ livestreams today. On Colin & Greg Live, the first big piece of news was announced:

DC Universe Online is coming to Xbox One!
That’s right, Xbox fans, your wait is almost over. DCUO will be coming to Xbox in Spring 2016!

Then, on Kinda Funny Plays: DCUO, we revealed a LOT more about what’s coming up in 2016. Watch the replay video for all the action, but here are some quick highlights:

PC/PS4 Cross-Play
Have you been waiting to do battle with a friend or family member, but couldn’t because they were playing on a different platform? Get ready to save the world TOGETHER, because PC/PS4 crossplay is coming the week of January 25, 2016!

Episode 21: Inspired by the Legends of Tomorrow
Get ready for Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Captain Cold, and Atom – the Legends of Tomorrow are coming to DCUO in Episode 21 next month.

More New Storylines
In addition to Legends of Tomorrow-inspired content, you can expect new storylines in 2016 including:

  • A New Superman Storyline, featuring Zod, Ursa, Non, Superman, Lois Lane, Supergirl, and Superboy, now voiced by Greg Miller! The story will begin in the PhantomZone and will eventually take you all the way to the epic finish in the City of Kandor!
  • The finale of Halls of Power – Get ready. Darkseid’s forces are invading Central City, and we’re going to need YOUR HELP to stop them!
  • Harley Quinn – Love Harley Quinn? You will love this crazy storyline centered around her. 
  • Plus, later in the year, the finale of Amazon Fury!

New Powerset: WATER
Our next powerset is Water, featuring Hydrokinetics (Hard Water Constructs, inspired by characters like Aqualad) and Tide-Calling (Waterbending, inspired by characters like Mera).

4th Color Palette
Customize your character further with the addition of a 4th choice in your color palette. More colors, more looks, more fun!

Style Unlocking
Keep up your alternate characters more easily with style unlocking. Keeping to the philosophy established with unlocking feats, you will be able to unlock styles on one character if you have already earned that style on another.

You didn’t think we’d forget our anniversary did you? There’s a gift waiting for you to commemorate 2015: a new DC Bombshell poster for your base or league hall PLUS a Daybreak emblem for your character. You have to log in by January 31st to get these items, so don’t wait – log in now!



We’ve had an incredible five years, and we’ve got a lot more to do! Get ready for a big 2016 here in DCUO.

Here are some Fast Facts about the first five years in DCUO:

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