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New Episode Free to All


We have exciting news about our upcoming 40th episode: World of Flashpoint! This episode will be free to all players, permanently.

As we look to this Summer, we are planning a major Membership update, and right now we want to explore a world where our content is not gated by purchase.

You may be wondering, why make World of Flashpoint free now if we haven't also updated Membership? It is a fair question.

We want to see how this works for World of Flashpoint and for you, and we also don't want to sell you an episode now and then give it away to everyone a few months later. We absolutely understand that access to all episodes is an important part of the value of Membership, and that this will be accounted for in our Membership update if we continue in this direction.

For now, though, get ready to enjoy World of Flashpoint for free and with all of your friends, who won't need to make a purchase either. EPISODE 40: WORLD OF FLASHPOINT will launch FOR FREE in April 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


Your feedback is important to us, so please Join the discussion and ask questions on the official forums!


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