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Now Available: Atlantean Lair Theme


It's time to start construction. Upgrade your base with the new Atlantean Lair theme. Inspired by the stunning, noble halls and palaces of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis itself, this new lair theme is awash in golden details and watery vistas.

With windows looking out on the ocean floor in all of the standard alcoves, beautiful architecture, and new amenities, you might think this is the best lair theme you have ever seen - just based on the visuals. But that's not all...

This lair theme ALSO comes with an updated floor plan. Enjoy the sights from an underwater tunnel that leads to a new, wide, high-ceilinged room. The best part? Check out the corner windows, looking out on deep-water trenches and remnants of the kings of old.

Get creative with, inspired by, and immersed in the bases only you can create with the new Atlantean Lair Theme.

The Atlantean Lair Theme is now available on the in-game marketplace for 1500 Daybreak Cash (PC) or 1500 Marketplace Cash (PlayStation 4 & Xbox One). 





Head back into the sea for a special treat. Form-change into a Seahorse and race your friends through the watery streets of Atlantis! Compete for the best time and earn new rewards.






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