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The Many Faces of Batman in DCUO

Saturday, September 26 is Batman Day, a day to celebrate the Dark Knight in his many forms – including the many forms he takes in DCUO! With DCUO taking inspiration from the whole history of DC Comics, Batman appears throughout the world of DC Universe Online in a number of places. He’s a mentor, he’s available as several different Legends characters, and from DCUO’s launch storyline to Origin Crisis and beyond, he exists outside of time, traveling back and forth across dimensions to save all worlds.

Here’s a look at the Caped Crusader in DCUO:

Batman, the Mentor

Batman is one of the six mentors you can choose from when you start playing DCUO. If Batman is your mentor, you begin in GCPD’s 9th Precinct in the East End of Gotham City, immediately starting your mission to stop Scarecrow and his Fear Gas. Inspired heavily by Batman as drawn by Jim Lee, Batman the Mentor wears a dark gray suit and a deep blue cape and cowl that are nearly black in the shadows. This Batman is Batman distilled to his most iconic form, the quintessential Batman for the ages.

Future Batman

Future Batman

One of the few survivors of DCUO’s disastrous, apocalyptic, and (thankfully) aborted future, Future Batman returned to our timeline with a dual purpose: to stop his future from becoming real, and to stop Future Lex Luthor from creating something even worse. A grizzled, wounded, and battle-torn Batman, packing tech and toys Mentor Batman would probably consider killing for (and will probably soon invent), Future Batman is the end-game. Future Batman is what’s left when all other heroes have fallen.

Future Batman appears in content throughout the game, and is playable in Legends.

Batman in Origin Crisis

In Origin Crisis, DCUO’s 7th Episode, the battle for the future spanned not only time but dimension, as Lex Luthor entered the Nexus of Reality in an attempt to control all worlds. To stop this threat, Future Batman gathered a Council of himself from other realities, and together they fought side by side.

Origin Crisis

Throughout Origin Crisis, these players saw or fought against these versions of Batman, where circumstances and events had fallen out differently, and Batman himself was fundamentally changed. From left to right in the photo above, we see Steampowered Batman, Ninja Batman, GCPD Batman, Primal Batman, and, of course, our own Future Batman. There was even one potential reality that saw the rise of Assassin Batman, a Batman turned villain instead of hero in the face of grief.

Batman in Legends PvP & PvE

If you want to know what it feels like to truly be the hero that Gotham deserves, try the Batman avatars in Legends PvP and PvE. Most Legends are available in the Marketplace for Daybreak Cash, or can be unlocked by Members using Marks of Legend. In addition to Batman the Mentor and Future Batman, the following versions are also available:

Classic Batman

Classic Batman

If you first came to know Batman during the 1970s and 1980s, this Legends avatar will likely be most familiar to you. This features the bright blue and grey suit, with the small, yellow emblem.

Dark Knight Batman

Dark Knight

Inspired by Batman’s rise and return as the Dark Knight as seen in Frank Miller’s classic The Dark Knight Returns, this Batman’s suit is black and dark gray, featuring the large, black, squared emblem.

New 52 Batman

New 52

This Legends avatar is inspired by Batman’s most recent suit redesign in the New 52 comics, which is armor-focused, black and dark gray.

Modern Batman


Modern Batman wears an all-black suit, inspired by the black suits frequently worn by Batman in popular feature films.

If you want to experience any of these versions of Batman for yourself, you can visit or search for DC Universe Online in the PlayStation Store on PS3 and PS4. You never know what form Batman may take in the future…

And, if you are looking to show off your Batman fandom, make sure you pick up Batman’s Cowl Pack in the Marketplace, which is available now!


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