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Batman Eternal Time Capsule

Celebrate Batman through the years with the Batman Eternal Time Capsule. The Time Capsule can be unlocked with Stabilizers or purchased directly in the Marketplace. Stabilizers can be earned in-game through Daily Rewards or purchased in the Marketplace. 

If you’re looking to learn more about how to get, open, and use a Time Capsule - or what is in previous Time Capsules - check out our helpful guide!

Learn more about Time Capsule contents and rarities.


Batman Eternal Time Capsule

Booster Gold filled this capsule full of items from various times and places within the Multiverse. It has the possibility to contain:

  • Tut-Tut Emote Collection
  • Perplexing Material Collection
  • Lumos Aura Collection
  • Lumos Chroma Pack
  • Final Bat-Suit Gear
  • Enhanced Final Bat-Suit Gear
  • Nth Metal, Ally Favor, Catalysts, Alliances, Source Marks, Quarks, and more!

Open multiple capsules to receive the following rewards in your mailbox:

  • 15 Capsules: Bombshell Batman Doll Accessory

Time Capsules are loot boxes that offer the player the ability to choose one of three rewards, and also grant one additional reward. The rewards from Time Capsules can be Style items, Gear pieces, Collection pieces, and Supplies.


Final Bat-Suit and Enhanced Final Bat Suit Gear


Perplexing Material, Tut-Tut Emote, Lumos Chroma Pack


Lumos Aura, Bombshell Batman Doll Accessory


Batman Eternal Emblems



AVAILABLE September 14, 2023!

The Batman Eternal Time Capsule launches September 14, 2023! Log in and unlock yours!


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